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Movie Review Meggan and Hanna Love Manuel

Hanna is a real estate agent who meets Manuel while showing him an exclusive seaside apartment. She sells him the place...and her pussy...closing the apartment's lounge to fuck his brains out. Being Manuel, the next day she finds him in bed with Meggan, the main girl he neglected to tell her about. Just so happens, Hanna lives in the apartment right next door, and that's just where Hanna and Miguel catch her jacking off to Manuel's private tapes.

There's only one logical porno punishment for that...Meggan and Manuel must fuck Hanna every which way but loose. This scalding hot 3-way is worth the price of admission alone. See why Meggan and Hanna Love Manuel ... and why Vivid made them Contract Stars! Starring Meggan Mallone, Hanna Hilton, Dana Dearmond, Kelly Devine, Manuel Ferrara, Trent Tesoro, Tony Desergio. Directed by Paul Thomas.

Meggan and Hanna Love Manuel

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SCENE ONE (movie intro)

  • Meggan Mallone
  • Hanna Hilton
  • Manuel Ferrara
  • Dana DeArmond
  • Tony DeSergio
  • Trent Tesoro
The opening scene has Hanna Hilton walking alongside Manuel Ferrara showing him the complex she wants to sell him. It then cuts to Meggan Mallone who enters what appears to be a bar only behind the bartender is a window with people having sex in the background. They don't really focus on the sex in the window, you are just aware that it is there. What I find unusual is that considering this is one of hte first movies the girls have ever done there is a lot of diaglog and acting required of them. This scene you can tell is really just to set the story line and it somehow manages to capture (even if just for a moment) every member of the cast.


The movie now flashes back to Hanna showing Manuel the apartment. In this scene she reveals that long ago it used to be a swingers community. All this talk of the swingers seems to have turned him on because as Hanna tries to sell him the apartment, all he can seem to think about is hitting on her. For the most part she stays in character and continues with pushing the lease but eventually she gives in to her passions and takes her top off to reveal her very large, all natural breasts. I can honestly say I don't think I've ever seen such large breasts on a female that weren't fake. They are just amazing. I can't believe they are all real.

She dances around him at first, as if she is going to be a little cock tease, asking him if he likes what he sees so far and he clearly does but before long Manual says enough of this shit and takes control. He turns her around, pushes her up against the wall and eats her pussy. He fucks her in a few different positions and in the end he unloads on her massive melons.



  • Meggan Mallone
  • Dana DeArmond
  • Tony DeSergio
  • Trent Tesoro
Meggan and Dana with the two men, Tony and Trent. (Tony as the bar tender and Trent as his friend). The two girls make out on top of the bar while the men try their best to get in on the action but the girls seem to be more interested in a good tongue lashing that playing with a meat stick. This making out session between the two girls eventually leads to Meggan eating Dan's pussy while the two guys keep her legs spread wide open. Dana clearly leads MEggan in telling her what to do and how she likes it and Meggan eagerly complies.

Now it's time for the boys to introduce the girls to their "closest friends" which is lame small talk for their cocks. Dana sucks on the bar tenders cock while Meggan makes out with the other guy before eventually sucking his cock. Dana seems to lke to deep throat his cock and poor Meggan tries as well without much success. Poor Meggan. She's so innocent looking throughout this entire scene it really makes you like her even more as she stumbles through her performance.

Meggan switches to the bar tender while Dan bends over backwards to suck the other guys cock. If you want to know where the phrase "choke on this bitch" comes from, you'll wonder no more after watching Dana suck his cock in this scene. Meggan Mallone is no slouch either mind you. She's hot as fucking hell and well, isn't as experienced as Dana, she can hold her own. Next Meggan plays with her pussy while the two guys both fuck Meggan. Well the bartender fucks in a reverse cowgirl position while she sucks the other ones cock. He eventually goes over to see what Meggan is doing all alone over there playing with her sweet little pussy.

They make out a bit while Dana is still riding the bar tender. The bartender's friend now goes over to fuck Dana while she blows the bar tender and all the while Meggan Mallone sits over to the site watching while playing with her pussy. They switch off, back and forth fucking her. Much to my pleasant surprise this is a really long scene and ends with them both jacking off all of Dan's messy face, only Meggan doesn't take a cock and that is rather disappointing.



Meggan goes back home to her boyfriend Manuel who is decorating his new apartment with Hanna the real estate agent and boy is Meggan pissed to find the two of them together. This is a porno however so of course this fight leads to Meggan and Manual having some nice ass makeup sex. Meggan seems much more comfortable in this scene than the last one. She's more open sexually and more playful. As he finger fucks her pussy you can tell he is trying to work it and slowly stimulate her ass. This leads to him putting his cock in her tight little pussy. He starts off slow as he tries to work it in her tight hole. It was during this scene I noticed for the first time that he iddn't have a condom on. When did Vivid girls fuck guys without condoms? Manual fucks Meggan in several positions, quite a few more than Hanna and in the end he comes on her tits.



This next scene is rather weird at first. It took me awhiel to catch on that the outfit changes meant that Hanna had been sneaking into their apartment several times. Bascially it shows Hanna going through his apartment several times (shown by her changing outfits) and I guess each time snooping through his shit. Eventually she finds a tape of Meggan and Manuel having sex and as she is watching it, gets naked herself and starts to play with her pussy. As she gets really into this, Meggan and Manuel come home so she rusn out but she forgets her shoes and she forgot ot turn the tape off.

Meggan and Manuel go next door to confront Hanna in sort of a sexual sort of way. This of course leads into a very hot threeway between Hanna, Meggan and Manuel. He ends by jerking off on Meggan's face and Hanna's tits.



The movie ends with Manuel on his balcony looking over the ocean no doubt contemplating how fucking great his life his getting to be with not only Hanna Hilton but also Meggan Mallone. What a lucky bastard this guy is. The girls join him in a romantic hug.



  • Kelly Devine
  • Trent Tesoro
I should point out that when I reviewed this movie I watched the online version but apparently there is one more scene if you get the DVD on Blu Ray. I first noticed the confusion when they said that a girl named Kelly Devine was in the movie and well after watching all of the movie I didn't see her. So I looked through the stills for the movie and sure enough at the very end there are photos of Kelly Devine in a scene with Trent Tesoro that I didn't see.


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