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Meggan Mallone was only around a short time yet she has a long and complicated history. It is on this page I will try and clear up some of the many frequently asked questions.

What is Meggan Mallone doing now?

Meggan Mallone was married to director B. Skow who in 2013 had his company Skow Digital named the Best New Production Company by AVN at the 2013 AVN awards show in Las Vegas. Meggan Mallone as his wife at the time was by his side at the awards show when he won. She also walked the red carpet.

Meggan Mallone 2013

Is Meggan Mallone pregnant?
On June 3, 2009 a lesser known porn star stated (via Twitter) that her boyfriend had gotten Meggan Mallone pregnant. According to porn star Georgia Jones, Porn Star Meggan Mallone is pregnant and got pregnant by her boyfriend. It is not clear if Meggan Mallone and her boyfriend had an affair or if she got pregnant on the set of one of her movies and who the man even is. Meggan Mallone herself or her contract company have yet to make an official statement regarding this matter or to even confirm if it is true or a false story. However what is known is that if Meggan Mallone is pregnant then she isn't very far along because just days prior to this story coming out a photo of Meggan Mallone was taken while she was in Vegas with her stomach exposed and you can see that she has no visible signs of pregnancy. Later it was revealed by a source high up in Vivid that Meggan Mallone was in fact not pregnant that the girl who said it was just trying to make trouble and according to some the other girl is a friend of Meggan's and was just joking around. The Vivid insider said 100% without a doubt Meggan Mallone isn't pregnant.

UPDATE: In early 2010 it was revealed that Meggan Mallone did not renew her contract with Vivid. Instead she moved in with Vivid director B. Skow of which she had been dating since October 1, 2009. In January of 2011 they got engaged. In April of 2011 they were very close to having their first child together. Tell me that picture is not the hottest pregnant chick you've ever seen?

Meggan Mallone Pregnant

What are all the names Meggan Mallone has used?
Despite the fact that Meggan Mallone has only been a porn star less than a year, she's already got quite a bit of confusion about her name. Meggan Mallone began her career under the name Meggan. It was the photographer that claims to have discovered her on MySpace, and signed her to a contract to produce a website, that was given the name Meggan Powers. Apparently Meggan did not feel comfortable working with this person and worked quickly to try and get out of that deal. It was during her work with this initial photographer that she took several thousand photos and anywhere between 5 and 10 "scenes" and / or movie clips under this name Meggan Powers for this website. Prior to the name Meggan Powers, she did a cover for Met-Art and they listed her as Meggan A. An insider said that Meggan Mallone knew she wanted in the industry to make money but she also wanted away from the man who claims to have discovered her. Rumors are she called him "creepy and controlling". This photographer went ahead and created what he calls the official Meggan Powers website with all the photos he took of her last year despite the fact that Meggan Mallone has no desire to have anything to do with the website, yet he still promotes it as if she did.

Meggan Mallone was brought to Las Vegas in January of 2008 for her first adult convention by a photographer or "people" she was working with at the time. It is unclear as to exactly what the man's real job is. She was hanging out with Stephen J. Hicks at the convention who is a world renowned photographer who has shot layouts for all the major magazines including Penthouse and Hustler. His work is nothing short of amazing. Meggan Mallone had just finished working with him and it was he who introduced Meggan to the heads of Vivid and they agreed to sign her. The initially introduced her via a press release as Meggan Malone (one L in the last name) but through a mistake, they forgot to secure the domain name ( The domain was offered to them for free but they declined the offer and instead simply changed her name to Meggan Mallone (two L's in her last name) and that is how she has been known, at least for the most part.

It is true that Meggan Mallone was a cheerleader in High school?

Yes it is true. Meggan Mallone was in fact a high school cheerleader and industry insiders say it shows with her very perky and upbeat attitude. One secret Vivid insider source said while on the set of their newest Vivid movie, "She's so god damn cute and perky it hurts. We just love the fuck out of her." Another person once said after working with Meggan Mallone, "When you meet Meggan Mallone you have no doubt she was a cheerleader in high school. She's got so much spirit".

meggan mallone tera patrick

Is Meggan Mallone married or in a serious relationship? I keep hearing weird conflicting stories.

It is true that Meggan Mallone was in a very serious relationship. In fact, the photographer who discovered Meggan Mallone tells how she spent the last night of her first trip to L.A. in the emergancy room because her boyfriend O.D. Luckily she dumped that loser and found someone better. (see story below)

Does Meggan Mallone have any tattoos or piercings?

Yes, she has a belly button piercing, as well as a tramp stamp on her lower back and a small tattoo on her lower stomach. The tat on her lower back says "Meggan" and here is a shot of it for you to enjoy. The other tats you see on Meggan that often seem to come and go are often just henna. She tends to get those alot. The picture below of the tat on her wrist is another temporary henna tat that Meggan got one day. Below that is a henna tat she got on her shoulder. She said it means "love me".

Does Meggan Mallone live in LA?

Yes and no. Meggan Mallone does have a place she stays while in LA and working, but technically she lives in Houston, Texas as does fellow Vivid girl Hanna Hilton. Understanably the two became fast friends when Hanna Hilton was signed to Vivid.

meggan mallone hanna hilton

What was the first movie Meggan did for Vivid?

The first feature film starring Meggan Mallone as a Vivid Girl was Meggan and Hanna Love Manuel. You will find a detailed movie review, including photos of this title by clicking here. This was a film directed by the award winning director Paul Thomas and her co-stars include Hanna Hilton, Dana DeArmond, Kelly Devine, Manuel Ferrara, Trent Tesoro, and Tony Desergio. Technically speaking this was the first film RELEASED by Vivid however the first movie she filmed for them was called 20 Questions.

When is Meggan Mallone's actual birthday? I noticed that different websites are reporting different things about her.

With the internet you often find a variety of sources that will say completely conflicting things and that holds true with porn star's biographical data. Some poeple say Meggan's eyes are blue or even brown and that her green color comes from contacts, not true. Her eyes are green. Some people say she is 5 foot 4 inches tall, others say 5 foot 6. Neither of those are accurate either. She is in fact, 5 foot 8 inches tall. I happen to have a copy of her state issued, California ID card from a photoshoot she did, which tells us this information and that includes her date of birth which is December 30, 1986. For obvious privacy reasons I have blacked out the private details of the starlet but in the ID you can see her height, eye color and date of birth. So now we know for sure what these facts are. And anyone reporting anything else obviously are misinformed.

Is Meggan Mallone married?

No. Meggan Mallone is not married but she is currently dating someone in a very serious relationship. They two are reported by industry insiders to be "hot and heavy". At first Meggan Mallone got into a very serious relationship with Trent Tesoro, of which she was rumored to have met on the set of her movie Meggan and Hanna Love Manuel. Although Trent Tesoro was about 9 years her senior, they were both from Texas - so perhaps that was the initial attraction. Or maybe it was his years of experience in the business. He has been winning awards for his performances since about 2003. Below is a picture of Trent Tesoro from the set of the movie he was rumored to have met Meggan Mallone on. Of course this is pornoland so he it is a picture of his ramming his cock deep inside another chick but at least you get an idea what he looks like. :)

trent tesoro

But that's not who Meggan Mallone is with now. As many expected Trent Tesoro and Meggan Mallone would eventually break up. Rumor is she was enjoying the life of a porn star far to much and would go out all the time and he perfered quiet evenings at home. Meggan Mallone was far to young and hot for anything like that, just yet. Then one day Meggan Mallone was at work and her director was B. Skow. He is rather good looking and a well known ladies man that often sleeps with the Vivid contract girls. The two messed around for awhile but eventually things between them got rather serious. They dated for about two years on and off and then one day Meggan Mallone announced she would not be renewing her contract with Vivid, deleted her Twitter page and her MySpace page. She gave no real reason behind any of her actions but we would later find out that Meggan and B. Skow became quite serious and exclusive and are now even rumored to be living together. ** Thanks to Cindi Loftus from for the photos she found of the two of them together.

meggan mallone with b skow

UPDATEMeggan and B. Skow got together on October 1, 2009. Around January 2011, B. Skow asked Meggan to marry him. They live together in California. As of April 2011 she is very close to having their first child. Yes he is significantly older than she is, by at least 15 years or so.

meggan mallone with b skow

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Meggan Mallone's entry to the business was fairly direct, but she says it was all matter of good fortune. "I met an agent here in L.A. named John Stevens who introduced me to a photographer named Michael Bisco," she says. "He sent my shots to the people at Vivid and I went to a meeting there with Steven Hirsch who ended up signing me. It was really just all luck." SEE MORE


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