Meggan Mallone has been a porn star officially since about January of 2008 however has done scenes here and there since September of the previous year. The first movie released featuring Meggan Mallone was from Homegrown Video and it included her on the box cover and in 1 scene. This movie was called Cherries volume 62. This footage is being called Meggan Mallone's amateur debut. Now you can read all about the movies Meggan Mallone has been in below. Some include movie trailers, some feature photos and well some have both! So enjoy. :)

Practice Makes Perfect

Cherries 62

Matt's Models 6

Meggan and Hanna Love Manuel

20 Questions

Strictly Conversation

Suck It

The Nikki Jayne Experiment


Meggan's Sexy Stories

Hanna's House

Homegrown #737

You have probably noticed by now that the two box covers for Homegrown look very similar and it led many to wonder if in fact the scenes featuring Meggan Mallone are the same in both movies. Well, it turns out they are in fact different scenes in each movie. You can see the differences on the back box covers of each title as well as read about the very big differences in the scenes by CLICKING HERE.