The MATT'S MODEL line of movies is sort of like reality shows meet porno dude, reality porn I guess you can call it. These are all amateur girls doing some kind of setup scene. This paticular version, number 6 just so happens to include the lovely Meggan Mallone before she hit it big.

In this movie Meggan Mallone performs some great girl on girl action with fellow newcomer Zaley Zane, who's kind of cute with nice big, pouty lips. However unlike Meggan Mallone, since this movie it doesn't seem like Zaley Zane has gone on to do much else with her career in adult, other than a few nude modeling jobs here and there. Matt's Models 6 is now available on DVD. Also you can click here to view the movie trailer for Matt's Models 6.

meggan mallone in matts models 6

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