The first movie ever released featuring Meggan Mallone was Cherries 62 from Homegrown video. In this movie Meggan Mallone is in one scene and the description of the scene from the studio itself is Sexy Meggan, 20, hooks up with her boyfriend Kris and they decide to record it. She gives him a blowjob and eat licks and fingers her pussy. They fuck in missionary, doggy and with her riding him before he cums on her belly. There was much talk about this movie in relation to another movie by the same studio, that also featured Meggan Mallone. As you see both box covers look simliar and it left one to wonder if in fact it was the same Meggan Mallone scene just being recylced. Luckily that isn't the case.

In Homegrown Video #737 - The Chronicles of Hornia the studio tells us about this scene and says Super sexy Meggan shows off her thin body and fingers her pussy. She needs to cool off so she heads to the shower where she continues masturbating!

But we can also see the different photos from looking at the back box covers (as seen below). So what seemed to happen was they actually shot Meggan Mallone in two sex scenes and one photo shoot (for box covers) the day they worked with her and put one scene in one movie and another scene in another movie and since they apparently only used similar photos from the same set to make the two different box covers.

meggan mallone

meggan mallone

Cherries 62 is now available on DVD
Homegrown Video #737 is now available on DVD

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