On January 18, 2008 Vivid Entertainment announced they signed Meggan Malone to an exclusive one year contract with an option to make it longer depending on how well it works out for both Vivid and Malone. According to Vivid, Meggan Malone has only shot two scenes in the industry prior to this deal, and will begin doing her first scenes with Vivid next week with award winning director Paul Thomas. As you might recall, Paul Thomas won his most recent award at the 2008 AVN Award show for Best Director of the film Layout starring fellow Vivid Girl Briana Banks.

As a Vivid Girl, Meggan Mallone enjoys the benefits of their marketing machine. For example, she not only appeared on the television show "The Insider", she also enjoyed no less than 25 websites promoting it through a series of Vivid press releases.

Updated News (January 20, 2008): Interestingly enough it seems that new details about Vivid's little video virgin porn star have come to light. As soon as Vivid announced the signing of Meggan Malone people began to say that she wasn't the innocent little girl she proclaimed to be and that she had in fact gotten down and dirty on film professionally quite a few times. Here we have uncovered some of Meggan's work although there are rumored to be much more where this came from. I will post more if any more becomes available to me. Meggan Malone, who prior to signing with Vivid was going to go by the name Meggan Powers and had already begun working in the adult industry. By some reports Meggan has done more than 7 different hardcore performances that have in fact been caught on film. Below in a set. If there is any truth to these reports the videos and photos (like the ones below) will begin leak out over the next few months. Here we have uncovered some of Meggan's work although there are rumored to be much more where this came from. I will post more if any more becomes available to me. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE VIDEOS

Update (February 8, 2008) : We contacted Vivid on January 18, 2008 within 2 hours of the time they issued their first press release regarding signing Meggan Malone and informed them that they forgot to register the domain name Meggan Malone .com (this domain name) and let them know that we would turn over this domain name to them for free, just let us know how we are to do it. A week later I still did not hear back from Vivid so I contacted them again, reminding them that I have this domain name that they will probably want control of it for promotion of their newest contract girl and need to know specifically who do I contact about getting ownership of the domain name transfered to them. I was told "Steve Hirsch isn't as stupid as people thing. He is just going to change her name." I again stated that there was no need for this that I am more than willing to transfer total and complete ownership of this domain name over to Vivid for free, as I have been trying to do for weeks. I got no response. February 8, 2008 AVN posted a press release from Vivid and the girls new name is now Meggan Mallone (two Ls) and big surprise, they did not secure that domain name either. Now I'm even more confused on this whole thing. Why change her name if it was not to secure the domain name in the first place? So it is official, Meggan Malone is now Meggan Mallone, with two LLs instead of the one, as before.

Updated from March 15, 2008 : Just found another set of video clips of Meggan Malone where she has a real orgasm. It's great. It's the first image from below. I do hope you enjoy these new Meggan Malone videos. The more I see of Meggan Malone the more I love her! CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE VIDEOS

Rumors and speculation regarding Meggan Malone's work prior to her time at Vivid continues with one photog (different than the one from the videos shown above) claiming to have as many as 30 scenes of Meggan Malone in the can and will prepare them for release when Meggan hits it big. Most notably, he is said to have one really down and dirty scene of Meggan Malone doing an anal creme pie. No word yet from the folks at Vivid about these Meggan Malone rumors.

UPDATE: May 01, 2008 Today I found some video clips of Meggan Malone .... well sort of. The actual video clips are of Alexis Love but you will see that Meggan Mallone is there in the background helping Alexis Love with the shoot. She pops her head in a few of the shots and licks the other models breats, teases her verbally, etc. throughout the 4 clips. I know it's not exactly all about Meggan Mallone but it's still funny to hear her perky perosnality come through in the background. CLICK HERE to view the video clips now. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE VIDEOS

UPDATE: June 15, 2008 : A new video of Meggan Mallone has been released by famed photographer Stephen J. Hicks. This video was taken while she was doing a new photo shoot with him (in which you can find in the photo section of this website). What's great about this video is that it's new and is really the first video to come out of Meggan Mallone with her new boob job. You'll see her new breats are not to big and fit her perfectly. I think they might be a small C at the very best. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE VIDEOS or CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PHOTOS

Update : January 2009 : Exactly a year after Vivid signed with Vivid in Las Vegas she returned as one of the Vivid girls signing at their booth at the annual adult convention. She was in the standard Vivid signing lineup along with Nikki Jayne, Monique Alexander, and Hanna Hilton. Also present a tiny bit were older Vivid girls Sunny Leone and Savanna Samson.

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