Meggan Mallone was born on December 30, 1986 in Houston, Texas. Vivid Entertainment signed Meggan Mallone to an exclusive one-year contract on January 18, 2008 with the option to renew at the end of the one year. Prior to that she was virtually unknown however did do some work on a limited basis in the previous months. Meggan Malone was discovered in early September of 2007 by a industry photographer by the name of Jason Self (aka Jay-Rock) who had been scouting for "fresh meat" on MySpace. He brought her in for some test shoots and was even able to secure her three covers for Met-Art, a magazine about photography. Her first cover listed her as Meggan A. Later there was some discussion about changing her name to Meggan Powers when this photographer brought Meggan to L.A. It was during her first trip to L.A. that she got to do photo work for famed photographer Stephen J. Hicks and Earl Miller. In January of 2008 Meggan was in Las Vegas at the annual adult industry trade show and that is where she was introduced to the people from Vivid and it was then they offered her the deal.

Meggan Malone is of Cherokee and Irish-German descent, the 21-year-old brunette hails from Houston, Texas. A former high school cheerleader, Meggan Mallone worked as a mainstream fashion model. During a visit to L.A., she posed for photographers Steven Hicks and Earl Miller and met agent John Stevens, who showed her photos to Vivid director B. Skow. Soon thereafter, the company offered her a contract. Mallone's mother, a full-blooded Cherokee from Oklahoma, gave her the Indian name "Moonstar." Her father, who died when she was 18, instilled her with a strong work ethic and taught her to make her own decisions, she says. As a child, Meggan was a Girl Scout and attended church regularly. In addition to cheerleading in high school, she was on the swim team and in the French Club, and worked on the student TV news channel as both a producer and on-air reporter. She said she intends to take college journalism courses in L.A. while shooting for Vivid.

Toward the end of March 2008 Meggan Mallone posted a photo on her myspace page under the title "New Beginnings". This photo was taken in Galveston, Texas and Meggan looks amazing!! What's interesting about this image is that she is in a bikini and her breasts are quite a bit larger than before.

Meggan Mallone graced the cover of the May 2008 AVN Magazine (adult video news) as well as the June 2008 cover of Hustler. The photos from her Hustler cover shoot where from famed photogpher Stephen J. Hicks and some of those images can be seen here. You can see a list of all of Meggan Mallone's magazine appearances here That section includes several of the covers of those magazines that Meggan Mallone has appeared in.

meggan mallone

Exactly 1 year after signing with Vivid in Las Vegas (January of 2008) Meggan Mallone was back in Vegas and nominated for the AVN 2009 Best New Starlet of the year award.

Although originally from Texas, Meggan calls LA her home fulltime now. That is, when she's not busy traveling around the world for Vivid. For Vivid, Meggan has been as far as Canada and as close as Las Vegas at least 5 times in the last year alone. Vivid keeps Meggan Mallone busy and that seems to suit her just fine. She seems to love the free spirited lifestyle that being a Vivid girl affords her. She's often posting pictures of good times with her friends or of new henna tattoos she has gotten. Here is a henna tat she got for fun in early 2009 on her wrist.

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